UPDATED: A Brief Review of the Unbelievable? Debate Between Andy Stanley and Jeff Durbin

I think the crucial point of disagreement was made very clear in the point of the debate at which Andy asked Jeff (at about 43:30 in the YouTube video): "What is the foundation of your faith? Why do you believe what you believe?" Jeff, in his typical quick and confident manner, replied: "The Word of the Living God!" Andy apparently wasn't adequately prepared to reply to this answer and responded with a weak, "Ok...". (It is even worse if you are watching the YouTube video because he follows up with a shoulder shrug and a smirk...)

Does This Make Sense?

After asking someone recently why we should trust the deliverances of our senses and being looked at like I was insane, I thought it was time to put my thoughts to writing. The topic of epistemology is very fascinating to me. This is the study of knowledge. It asks such questions as: What is "knowledge"? … Continue reading Does This Make Sense?