Baptism Interaction on Whaddo You Meme??

Recently, I was able to interact with Sam Shamoun on Whaddo You Meme??, an apologetics YouTube channel run by Jon McCray, through the super-chat feature on YouTube. They were doing a response video to a video by an adherent of oneness named Marcus Rogers. Sam put forth a challenge at 33:25. I challenge...any oneness modalist … Continue reading Baptism Interaction on Whaddo You Meme??

Our God is…One!

Today in church service, we sang “This I Believe (The Creed)” by Hillsong Worship. It is a beautiful song. However, there is an interesting line that I disagree with and that I think highlights an issue with trinitarianism. “I believe in God our FatherI believe in Christ the SonI believe in the Holy SpiritOur God … Continue reading Our God is…One!